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A self-taught Scottish photographer, living in Denver, Colorado, Scott Wilson prowls between dusk and dawn, pursuing low light and a dramatic edge....

Scott’s images tell tales of epic shoots, crazy o’clock journeys, blisters and burst waders, the odd-broken finger and frequently cracked filters… All in the name of a moment of light which will speak to those who also marvel at our landscape. With an extensive back-catalogue of European photographic icons, Scott has been thrilled by more recent opportunities to explore the immensity of Colorado’s stunning outdoors which he was proud to feature in the Denver Photo Art Gallery as a resident artist.

In August 2016, a year after moving to Colorado, Scott was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and metastisis to his liver. When his oncologist explained that his 40 week chemotherapy treatment meant avoiding direct sunlight, placing constraints on his landscape photography pursuits, Scott set about creating a new Colorado wildlife portfolio shot entirely from the shade of his car.

The result is Through the Window, a compelling visual journey through Scott’s year-long triumph over colon cancer - launched in August 2017 to support Colorectal Cancer research and awareness which benefits from all proceeds of the book. To date, Through the Window has raised over $40,000.

Voted Denver's Best Instragrammer in 2017, Scott is now proud to describe himself as a landscape AND wildlife photographer, by night and day respectively, and has simply accepted that sleep is no longer an option....

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